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Check out these blogs written by individuals and organizations doing work in the Sargasso Sea:

Voyage to the Sargasso Sea 

For a year, Sebastian Smith, journalist with AFP news agency, is sailing his 40 foot boat around the Atlantic gyre to find out more about the incredible, mysterious and threatened Sargasso Sea. Birthplace and graveyard of the secretive eel, setting for myths and horror stories of vanishing ships, and host to an amazing archipelago of floating weed islands, stuffed with curious creatures, the Sargasso is a place rich in imagined and real life. Click here to read the blog. 



Billions of plastic bags are bottles are consumed and discarded per year in the U.S. alone. As trash moves from our watersheds to the sea, it begins to break down into plastic particles that sea birds, turtles and fish species ultimately digest. The North Atlantic Trash Gyre, in the Sargasso Sea, is distinct for it’s dense mats of sargassum algae, which creates a nutrient rich habitat and unique ecosystem on the surface of the sea. As the plastic particles break into increasingly smaller particles, a large number of marine organisms consume the trash particles which can lead to devastating effects and threatens the health of the unique and beautiful ecosystem of the Sargasso Sea.  Click here to read the blog.  

Ocean Research Project



Ocean Research Project provides scientific data and education about the changes within our Oceans to inspire people to action. At Ocean Research Project, we are dedicated to gathering scientific data that enable the improved characterization of our global oceans and coastal areas. Through the use of scientific data, informative and entertaining documentaries, and providing a clear way to get involved, we will empower people to act on behalf of one of our greatest resources: our oceans. Using a team of expert scientists and sailors, we embark on expeditions to some of the world’s most dynamic parts of the ocean. The expeditions are carried out on a sailboat which provides an affordable and environmentally-friendly floating research station. We then use the data for several purposes. 1) Using a blog during the expedition and a documentary after, we provide people with education on how and why the oceans are changing. We also provide them with resources and tools they need in order to get involved and help make change themselves. 2) We share our scientific data with established research organizations such as the National Snow and Ice Data Center to help further continued understanding.  Click here to read the blog. 



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