A partnership led by the Government of Bermuda to protect the Sargasso Sea

Humpbacks use Bermuda as a way point on their migrations. Credit: A. Stevenson.

Sargassum. Credit: P. Rouja.
Flying fish bubble nests in fronds of Sargassum. Credit: JP Rouja.

The Sargasso Sea Scrolls. Credit: Pyramid Atlantic.

Summary Science and Evidence Case available for download. Read more »

Participants gather to support the Hamilton Declaration- March 2014- Bermuda. Read more »

"Conserving the Sargasso Sea" iPhone and Android app available for free download. Credit: M. Ittner, A. Jeffrey

Seahorse using Sargassum as cover. Credit: JP Rouja

Sargassum Angler Fish use modified fins to move through Sargassum. Credit: D.Shale.

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Map developed by Duke University Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab and Marine Conservation Institute
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Video: A Tribute to the Sargasso Sea


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Recent Highlights

  • March 2014 Newsletter available

    In this issue: (1) Governments sign Hamilton Declaration in Bermuda, (2) Bermuda youth work to conserve Sargasso across generations, and (3) Sargasso Sea featured in Marine Policy article.

    Click here to read more.

  • Bermuda Youth Sign Sargasso Sea Declaration

    Bermuda’s young people are setting the example for environmental awareness and conservation by signing a declaration to protect the Sargasso Sea.

    Students attending the 2014 Bermuda Zoological Society Environmental Youth Conference: The Power of One, collaborated on, wrote and signed their own declaration of commitment to the protection of the Sargasso Sea, just days after ...


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